Pooja Room Interior Designs

In many Indian homes, a wooden temple or mandir holds a special place. But with evolving lifestyles, constructing a dedicated mandir at home has become less common. Instead, consider a compact, easy-to-place mandir that takes up minimal space and can even be mounted on the wall like an altar.

At Living Interiors and Modular Kitchens in Lucknow, we offer a range of these space-saving mandirs that can be easily positioned or wall-mounted according to your convenience. Choose us for your interior design needs in Lucknow, and let us help you incorporate a beautifully designed mandir into your home.

Traditional Pooja Room With Carved Pooja Unit

Traditional Pooja room in Lucknow home with intricate wooden mandir.

Small Pooja Room With Functional Mandir Doors

Modern Pooja space with minimalist design and serene ambiance.

Indian Traditional Pooja Room For Large Families

Compact Pooja corner elegantly set up in a small area with beautiful idols.

Traditional Pooja Room With Attached Crockery Unit

Elegant Pooja room with marble flooring and ornate brass deities.

Small Pooja Room With Brass Drop Lamps

Contemporary Pooja room with sleek shelves and LED lighting.

Modern Open Layout Pooja Room For Rental Homes

Rustic-inspired Pooja area with a stone mandir and natural decor.

Small Open Layout Pooja Room With Accent Wall

Luxurious Pooja room featuring a grand mandir and rich silk drapes

Modern Pooja Room With Wooden Panel

Colorful Pooja room with vibrant paintings and traditional lamp.

Modern Pooja Room With White Jali And Cove Lights

Simple yet elegant Pooja space with wooden shelves and brass bell.

White Pooja Room Unit With Simple Mandir

Spacious Pooja room with large idols and ample space for rituals.

Traditional Pooja Room With White Jali

Artistic Pooja area with unique wall designs and serene lighting

Simple Pooja Room With Traditional Jali

Artistic Pooja area with unique wall designs and serene lighting


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