Balcony Designs

Amidst the urban landscapes we inhabit today, a well-designed balcony serves as a serene oasis. At Living Interiors in Lucknow, we invite you to explore our exquisite range of balcony designs for inspiration. Choose us as your professional interior design partner in Lucknow, and let's collaborate to transform your balcony into a tranquil retreat that balances beauty and functionality.

Small Balcony With Vertical Garden And Wooden Deck

Cozy balcony setup with hanging plants and comfortable seating area.

Contemporary Balcony With Planter Rack

Small Balcony With Chic Furniture

Compact balcony design featuring a small cafe table and vertical greenery.

Small Balcony With Artificial Lawn And A Swing

Luxurious balcony with lounging chairs and panoramic view of Lucknow.

Spacious Modern Balcony With Pantry

Creative balcony space with colorful decor and bohemian-style accents.

Small Balcony With Earthy Furnishings And A Swing

Functional balcony area with built-in storage and space-saving furniture.

Spacious Balcony With Patterned Flooring And Swing

Rustic-themed balcony with wooden planters and earthy decor elements

Luxurious Modern Balcony With Colourful Furniture

Chic balcony with minimalist design, sleek railings, and subtle lighting.

Spacious Balcony With Earthy Furnishings And Bulb Fairy Lights

Balcony with a small herb garden and DIY plant holders in a sunny spot

Spacious Contemporary Balcony With Patterned Flooring And Rafter Ceiling

Vibrant balcony featuring patterned floor tiles and a comfy swing chair.

Cozy Balcony With Minimal Furniture

Elegant balcony garden with a variety of potted plants and wooden flooring

Spacious Minimal Balcony With Wooden Flooring

Spacious balcony in Lucknow with modern outdoor furniture and city view.


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