Dining Room Designs & Décor

Your dining room is calling for a makeover! Whether you're seeking a minimalist style or a more glamorous look, we at Living Interiors in Lucknow can craft the design you've been envisioning. Discover design inspiration for your dining area with us. Choose Living Interiors for your interior design needs in Lucknow, and let us transform your dining space into a captivating gathering spot.

Small Dining Room With 6 Seater Rectangular Wooden Table🔽

Modern dining area with sleek furniture and minimalist decor.

Modern Dining Room With Pendant Light And Console Table

Elegant dining room in Lucknow with a large wooden table and classic chandelier.

Small Cozy Dining Room With Mixed Chairs

Contemporary dining room with bold lighting fixtures and vibrant artwork.

Minimal Glam Dining Room With Open Glass Crockery Unit

Cozy dining space featuring a round table and soft, upholstered chairs.

Contemporary Dining Room With Elegant Light Fixture

Luxurious dining setting with an ornate table, elegant drapes, and plush seating.

Luxury Contemporary Dining Room With Wooden False Ceiling

Bright and airy dining room with large windows and simple, chic furniture

Modern Dining Room With Marble Top Dining Table

Eclectic dining room with a mix of traditional and modern design elements.

Premium Luxury Dining Room With Golden Display Unit

Artistic dining area with unique chairs and statement light fixture.

Modern Dining Room With Unique Colour Palette

Rustic-inspired dining room with a farmhouse table and vintage decorations.

Modern Dining Room With Wooden Rafters

Spacious family dining room with a long table and comfortable bench seating.

6-Seater Dining Room With Unique Colour Palette

Small Dining Room With White And Marble Table Top

Modern 8-Seater Dining Room

6-Seater Dining Room With Mirror Wall Panel


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